Journey of social giving

Our Giving Space is a powerful AI fundraising platform powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services technology.

A Personalized Path to Giving

Our Giving Space creates a personalized giving experience for each individual on-the-fly. Joy the chatbot becomes an extension of your development team, engaging with donors on your behalf.

The Social Giving Donor Lifecycle

Using proven engagement models and machine learning, Our Giving Space will send the right message at the perfect time – on your behalf. 

Step 1: Donor Engagement

A new or existing donor engages with Joy via a friend or campaign.

Step 2: Telling Your Story

Joy tells your organizations story and invites the donor to join the community.

Step 3: Proactive Involvement

Donor receives periodic pledge fulfillment reminders, content, and social impact statements.

Step 4: Donor Action

Donors pledge and/or contribute utilizing Stripe or your existing payment infrastructure.

Step 5: Reward System

We gamify the giving experience, donors are rewarded with messages, badges, and graphical progress indicators.
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Our Platform, Your Story

Our Giving Space™ was founded on a simple principle – giving a personalized place for your donors to give back. By tapping into the most widely used social media platform, Facebook, and developing an AI-chatbot for nonprofits, we are excited to partner with nonprofits worldwide.

Let us help your nonprofit tell your story, increase donor engagement, and provide a personalized giving experience your donors will love!

Let's work on engaging your donors together!