Intelligent Online Giving.

Engage your donors 24/7/365 with a personalized AI-driven platform

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Introducing Our Giving Space

Our Giving Space™ is a place for your donors to give back by donating to your cause. Nonprofit organizations from all over the world can create Giving Spaces, where they leverage Facebook Messenger to provide donors with AI driven reminders and increase online giving.

Meet Joy, A champion for your Nonprofit

Hi Eric – I’m Joy!

A chatbot designed to help you keep track of your charitable    contributions.

Ready? Let’s start your social impact journey!

$100 – Eric

Thanks for pledging $100 to First Hope Foundation!

It's simple to add the ``Joy`` of Giving to your Nonprofit

Joy becomes an extension of your fundraising team, working around the clock to engage donors for your nonprofit’s cause. If you have a presence on Facebook you can harness the power of Joy.

Tap into the billions of potential donors on Facebook and let them give to your cause anytime and anywhere.

Try Our Giving Space risk free with our limited-time 2019 special. We'll have you up and running in no-time!

Social Fundraising

We use chatbot technology specifically designed to encourage online giving. Our technology provides encouragement by providing personalized messages, rewards, progress feedback, and peer support.

Give From Anywhere

Our Giving Space uses existing mobile applications and platforms. Accessible from Facebook, Skype, your website and more! Capture donations and pledges via your existing forms.

Tell Your Story

Distributes your content and messaging including personalized graphics, text, and video. Contributors may readily share your story with friends and contacts.

Powered by AI

Our Giving Space touches the entire donor lifecycle. We optimizes the frequency, content, and  contribution reminder-schedule to fit each individual contributor.

Increase Donor Engagement for your Nonprofit

Our Giving Space’s AI-driven chatbot proved much more effective than SMS and email reminders in a rigorous study. Contact us for access to the study!

Try Our Giving Space risk free with our limited-time 2019 special. We'll have you up and running in no-time!